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by Jul 4, 2020iPhone

Finding the Best iPhone service center in Bangalore is really hard. There are probably thousands of iPhone service center in Bangalore with varied unique selling proposition. Each of them offers almost all the services related to iPhone, services like

iPhone battery replacement / not charging

iPhone screen replacement / touch issue

iPhone Back Glass replacement

iPhone water or liquid damage

iPhone front or rear camera repair / replacement

iPhone speaker or microphone repair / replacement

iPhone mother board problem

iPhone home button / touch id not working

iPhone Bluetooth or Wi-Fi not working

iPhone Power or volume button not working

iPhone software or IOS Issue

iPhone General Diagnosis

and a lot of other services.

Among them, there are 2 types of iPhone service center in Bangalore

  1. Authorized iPhone service center
  2. Unauthorized iPhone service center

It is obvious that more than 80% of the consumers prefer an authorized iPhone service centre. This pattern of consumer behaviour repeats itself wherever you go. Even though these iPhone service centres are authorized by Apple, the quality of service and their charges are completely out of proportion. Not all can afford these charges. Authorized iPhone service centre charge more because they have paid a huge amount to apple for getting authorized and they spend a lot on branding and marketing.

Except for these authorized iPhone service centers in Bangalore, there are a lot of other major brands in Bangalore to consider. So to decide which, the best iPhone service center in Bangalore is, we need to look at certain qualities of the iPhone service center.

Important qualities of the best iPhone service center in Bangalore

  1. Products or Accessories quality ( warranty )
  2. Technicians knowledge & experience
  3. Professional service
  4. Cost and quality
  5. Customer Satisfaction

These above-mentioned qualities are very important for any iPhone service centre. The core value of any business is to make profits, to make profits; consumers need to be happy with the products and services the business offers. As the saying goes Consumers are the king in Business. To satisfy every consumer is not possible but in order to satisfy most of them at the least, an iPhone Service Centre should have all these qualities.

  1. Products / Accessories Quality :

Apple Inc. brand is one of the highly influential Brands in the world. Apple Inc. is the first company to reach a trillion dollar market capital. All these facts aside, have you heard of Steve Jobs? YES! If you are an iPhone user, most probably you will know everything about him. So yeah, Steve job is one of the fine reasons why Apple Inc. demands such customer loyalty even today.

All these things helped Apple Inc. to build trust among the customers. But still the quality of iPhone, its accessories and spares is unbeatable even today. There are tons brands that pop ups every now and then, but Apple brand is always the Market leader in terms customers and quality also.

So it is very important that iPhone spares are also replaced with the same quality in the iPhone service center. If the Quality is not good, it could ruin the complete iPhone experience.

Nowadays, there’s a tonne of duplicate iPhone accessories which almost looks the same and even feels the same as the original. But only when tested by the professional, the true quality of the spare can be found. This makes it even difficult for iPhone users to find the right iPhone service center in Bangalore.

  • Technicians Knowledge & experience:

“It is beyond a doubt that all our knowledge begins with experience” Immanuel Kant.

It is true that every technician learns the work process from his seniors and they undergo a lot of training to enhance their work knowledge in the field of iPhone service, MacBook service and iPad service.

Here at The Service Stop, the training we provide to the technicians is based on the latest advancements in technology with practical problem solving techniques. Our training covers the following features.

  1. Quality check of the spare/accessories
  2. Root cause analysis
  3. Finding valuable and simple solution to the problem.

These features enable our technicians to think one step ahead of others and get the service or repair done in front you at the best price possible.

The knowledge our technicians gain from this process is beyond what we can articulate. This knowledge helped The Service Stop to become the market leader of iPhone service centers in Bangalore. The overall experience of 10+ years has given enough knowledge and data about the market and made it possible to give the best to our customers. far better service than others in terms of quality and cost.

  • Professional service:

We are a Goto brand for Apple and OnePlus products in and around Bangalore. We have 1000+ customers. 10 years of experience. 5000+ cracks covered. 5000+ screen replacement.

The Quality of iPhone service and OnePlus service that we provide has made us a market leader and this is evident through our testimonials.  Our team here at The Service Stop helps customers in the process of getting their devices repaired without any glitch, from doorstep device pick up, getting it repaired or replaced with proper quality spares and delivering it in your hands on the same day.


  1. Branded spares
  2. Fair price ( Best for value )
  3. Instant service. Fast and simple.
  4. Doorstep service
  5. Specialized in Apple and OnePlus products.

We can assure you that we have seen it all! From smartphones that have been run over by a car, to tablets that have taken a dive in a pool, we are prepared to face anything that comes our way.

Every Service Stop technician goes through an intensive training process, and we maintain an environment of constant learning, so no device is too new, no technology too complicated. Fast. Affordable and Simple.

  • Cost and Quality:

All the spares/accessories available here has gone through intense process of quality check before reaching the store in Bangalore. Each spare is been tested hard before reaching the end consumers device.

Our ultimate goal here is to provide quality spare to everyone at fair price. This vision pushes us to go further beyond boundaries to get the best quality ever. This passion and care towards the end consumer makes us more human and better professionals.

We always try to stand by our vision of making quality spares accessible to everyone. We do this by reducing our cost in the process of getting the quality spares after a lot of quality check and making it available to you.

  • Customer Satisfaction

Our Testimonials

  1. “Standard iPhone service center. Quality service and genuine accessories. My iPhone x had a screen problem, these guys fixed it. Now it’s fine. Very professional and highly recommended”
  2. “Very happy about the service. Was informed that it takes 2 days to repair my Apple Watch. But these guys have done in a day as committed. Keep up the good work.”
  3. “Had to get my MacBook serviced and they got the work done in a day.
    Constantly updated me with the progress of the system.
    They also had a quick pickup and drop service. Overall really great experience”
  4. “Excellent service I got my Macbook service done here service actually my Macbook pro was dead I check with Icare service it was board fault so my friend suggest me to go the Service stop when I went they took a day for service and end off the day my Macbook got serviced now it’s working perfectly
    Thank you, guys.”
  5. “Very well handled, my phone was completely damaged, but I got it back as good as new. Reasonable price with original spare verified at imagine”
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